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At Fit In 42 Studios, we offer Semi-Private Personal Training to our members in small groups to ensure their success. We do this for a few reasons. First, we have found people get better results in small groups. Second, your personal trainer will will hold you more accountable, keep you on track, motivated and challenged. Lastly and most importantly is COST!

Small Group Personal Training is much more affordable than private one-on-one personal training. You’re not alone in your fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness pro, Fit In 42 Studios has got your back and are here to help you be your best self!

Fit In 42 Studios - Personal Training, Group Workout Classes, Gym - Trainer and student happy about results

Choose your perfect plan

Having trouble deciding? Our coaches can help recommend the perfect plan fit for you. Contact us.

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  • $69/week
  • Get 4 Sessions



  • $89/week
  • Get 8 Sessions


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  • $99/week
  • Get Unlimited Training



new workouts every day


Semi Private Personal Training to work on building strength and lean muscle. We will tailor a workout plan based on your body, goals and health history. Our Coaches are simply amazing at working with all different types of bodies and ages.

Woman ball weights - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Fit In 42 Fitness Gym - Lean mommy makeover - Female members flexing strong smiling
Fit In 42 Palm Springs Gym barbells deadlifting
Fit In 42 Fitness Gym - Female member doing squats
Fit In 42 Personal Trainer and Studio Gym - Fit Over 50 30 Day Workout Challenge - Ladies with multi free weights
Woman outside workout with heavy bad and steps - Fit In 42 Studio Gym

Personal training in small groups

Semi Private Training Works! Small groups of up to 6 People getting trained by one Professional Coach. MORE ENERGY, MORE ACCOUNTABILITY, BETTER RESULTS, AND ITS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN ONE ON ONE TRAINING.

Woman boxing gloves - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Fit In 42 Fitness Gym Trainers strong tshirt
Fit In 42 Fitness Gym - Lean mommy makeover - Trainer and female members giving a team high-five
Man stretch bands - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Fit In 42 Personal Trainer and Studio Gym - Fit Over 50 30 Day Workout Challenge - Ladies flexing with trainer

be apart of a special environment

Our Training at Fit in 42 Personal Training is about creating an environment where you feel empowered, energized and excited to work on being the best version of yourself. We believe THEFITIN42LIFE is about having fun, working hard towards our goals and celebrating our victories. We look forward to you joining our Family.

Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Group picture
Fit In 42 La Quinta Gym medicine ball cardio exercise
Fit In 42 La Quinta Gym group picture
Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym kettlebell weights exercise


Our experienced personal training coaches will sit down with you to create a custom plan to fit your needs. Highly qualified trainers are here to challenge and support you every step of the way. Come and experience this supportive, energetic, and rewarding environment. At our Studio, you’ll be able to let loose, have some fun, join our community and make friends. Kick, punch, and sweat your way to a happier, healthier you.

Fit In 42 Studios - Personal Training, Group Workout Classes, Gym - Trainer and student learning about nutrition
Personal Trainer and woman barbells - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Personal Trainer and man squats with hand weights - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Personal Trainer and woman weights - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Personal Trainer and woman pulling bands - Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Personal Trainer and woman squats with masks outdoors- Fit In 42 Studio Gym
Fit In 42 Personal Trainer and Studio Gym - Trainer and male student lifting weights


Select a Fit In 42 Studio Gym near you and fill out the form. Contact us if you need any help.

Palm Desert

77780 Country Club Dr. Suite A1
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Palm Springs

5001 E Ramon Suite 1
Palm Springs, CA 92264


1311 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, Tx 77339

La Quinta

78802 Highway 111
La Quinta, Ca 92253


Still have questions? Contact us and let us know how we can help!

Personal Training in Small groups of 6 or less people per session.  More accountability, energy, friendships and at a Fraction of the price of 1 on 1 Training.

Join us at any one of our locations in California & Texas below:

  • Palm Springs: 5001 E Ramon Suite 1, Palm Springs, CA 92264. Phone number: 760-620-5024.
  • Palm Desert: 77780 Country Club Dr. Suite A1, Palm Desert, CA 92211. Phone number: 760-341-8200.
  • La Quinta: 78802 Highway 111, La Quinta, Ca 92253. Phone number: 760-771-4200.
  • Kingwood: 1311 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, Tx 77339. Phone number: 281-312-5131.

You have the Option to come 6 Days per Week if you would like to.

Yes, we will. Our coaches are here to train, educate, and teach you how to make better food choices.

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