What Season of Fitness are you in right now?


Does this scenario sound familiar?

You start working out, eating better and making better life choices. You feel fantastic. You look amazing. You are on top of your game.

This usually lasts a few months and then you slowly start slipping back. Maybe you worked out 5 days a week when you started but now you are only getting in 3. Then it’s 2

then maybe one or none. Your meal plan you are following. You start adding back a piece of bread, maybe a glass of wine once a week. Then twice a week. And then it becomes daily.

This has absolutely happened to you if you have committed to an exercise plan before. It has happened to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

So, you reverted back to your old self and now you are super disappointed. You probably talk down to yourself and say mean things. I get it.

First thing to realize is this is normal. Then let’s think about this scenario a different way from now on. You didn’t ‘FAIL’. You just slipped.

Fall down 7 times get up 8!

We like to think of our Fitness Routine as Seasons. It doesn’t stay Summer year round and Winter doesn’t last either.

It is very hard to stay on top of your game year round. If you can identify you are slipping that’s a great start.

The key is to not stop your new healthy habits completely.  Even in your Winter Months do not stop exercising or trying to make better eating choices.

When you are in the SUMMER Season of your Workout Routine enjoy it. Take it all in. Everything is easy, your motivation is sky high and your will is strong.

Enjoy that. It probably wont last year round but identify that. That’s OK!

The hard part about this is when Summer is ending and you know it….and when Winter is in full effect and you know you need to breakout and go into your Summer Season.

I don’t have the answers on how to stay in the sweet spot but I will leave you with these few items to have to make sure odds are on your side.


1. Surround yourself with a strong support system who live the way you want, motivate and inspire you.

2. Get your Butt into Fit in 42 Studios and surround yourself with our amazing coaches and inspiring members!

If you do those two things you are setting yourself up for success.

Thanks for reading.



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