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Come on in and see what makes us the Best Personal Training Studio Gym in Kingwood, Texas. Enjoy our fun, fat-melting, strength-building workouts. Everyone is welcome! Our workouts are meant to challenge and inspire you. Warning: you’ll be hooked! 

Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym 42Strong class for strength building


Strength & Endurance

Focus on lifting weights improving your strength and building long, lean muscle. The exercises touch on regimens utilizing free weights, TRX suspension system, dumbbells, sandbags and more. This strength based training focuses on making you stronger, leaner and mentally unbreakable.

Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym 42combat class rowing and bikes


Intense Cardio

Accelerate your fitness by kicking, punching,  and sweating the calories away. This class blends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) while using weights, bikes, ropes, punching bags and many other fitness tools. Twelve-ounce Boxing Gloves are required. This class does not involve hand-to hand combat.

Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym 42fightclub class with boxing and kickboxing

42 fight club

All Boxing

Learn how to Box at a Higher Level with 42 Fight Club. High energy class focusing on your Boxing Skills while burning an insane amount of calories! Learn how to hit stuff better and get an insane workout at the same time. Let loose, have some fun, and get the energy cranked up Friday Nights at 42.


Experience our judgement-free zone and feel like family. 

Gym Kingwood

Meet Your trainers

We will not let you fail!

Our Kingwood Personal Trainers are extremely educated,  professional and supportive. Your coach will design the exercises to coincide with your goals and needs. You’ll never get bored with our variety of workout classes. Plus with your Kingwood Fitness Gym membership you get nutritional guidance to help you build a healthier lifestyle. Join us and be part of a supportive community.

Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Boxing Trainer Casey
Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Kickboxing Trainer Derek
Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Cardio Trainer Esmeralda
Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Muscle Trainer Donnie
Fit In 42 Kingwood Texas Gym Weight Trainer Bryn
  •   OK...I was approaching my 60th birthday and was in horrible shape -  weight, mobility, strength - you name it. I was also approaching an event where there would have been... read more

    thumb Julie D.

      I have belonged to Fit in 42 (NLF) since 2013 and can't even think about ever going back to the impersonal big box gyms here in the valley. Gerry, Casey... read more

    thumb Wendy B.

      Here goes my honest review.....I recently finished a month trail membership with NLF and overall it was a very positive experience.  The owner and trainers are friendly and welcoming which... read more

    thumb Trista A.
  •   I got the 30 day VIP pass so that I could attend any class as well as schedule strength training. The classes are energy packed from 5 am to the... read more

    thumb Mariah P.

      I've been to a few big box gyms, but this place is awesome. Ive been going for the past 2 weeks and everyone one is great. They find ways to... read more

    thumb Paula P.

      What an amazing gym! I started my Next Level Fitness journey 28 days ago and I feel amazing! The trainers! The staff! The facility! Unrateable...... if I can put 10... read more

    thumb Traci M.
  •   This is an outstanding organization.  Gerry does a great job.  The facility is in good shape, the programs are designed well and the people have an excellent attitude.  Some gyms... read more

    thumb Edward C.

      I signed up 6/8/15 for the advertise 21 day for $89.00. But after my second day on 6/9/15, I had a severely swollen and reinjured a previous surgically fix right... read more

    thumb Elaina W.

      Can't say enough good things about NLF Palm Desert. Everyone is so welcoming, and encouraging! Not only that, but the classes are great as well. They will give you a... read more

    thumb Glenna H.
  •   I just finished Next Level Fitness's Fit in 42 program and it was more than I could ever have expected. I lost weight, inches, got a new mindset, got stronger... read more

    thumb Joan S.

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