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Come on in and see what makes us the Best Personal Training Studio Gym in Palm Desert, Ca. Enjoy our fun, fat-melting, strength-building workouts. Everyone is welcome! Our workouts are meant to challenge and inspire you. Warning: you’ll be hooked! 

Fit In 42 El Paseo Gym benchpress hand weights dumbbells 42strong

semi private personal training

Strength & Endurance

Semi Private Personal Training Works We train you in small groups up to 6 People working with one of our Amazing Professional Coaches. More Energy More Accountability, and More affordable than traditional one on one personal training.

Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym - 42 Strong workout class using hand free weights to build strong lean muscle


Build Muscle and Get Strong

Focus on lifting weights improving your strength and building long, lean muscle. The exercises touch on regimens utilizing free weights, TRX suspension system, dumbbells, sandbags and more. This strength based training focuses on making you stronger, leaner and mentally unbreakable.

Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym rowing exercise 42Combat class


Fat Blasting Cardio

Accelerate your fitness by kicking, punching,  and sweating the calories away. This class blends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) while using weights, bikes, ropes, punching bags and many other fitness tools. Twelve-ounce Boxing Gloves are required. This class does not involve hand-to hand combat.

Fit In 42 Palm Desert Boxing Gym 42 FightClub class

42 fight club

Learn all about Boxing Skills

Learn how to Box at a Higher Level with 42 Fight Club. High energy class focusing on your Boxing Skills while burning an insane amount of calories! Learn how to hit stuff better and get an insane workout at the same time. Let loose, have some fun, and get the energy cranked up Friday Nights at 42.


Experience our judgement-free zone and feel like family. 

Gym Palm Desert

Meet Your trainers

We will not let you fail!

Our Palm Desert Personal Trainers are extremely educated,  professional and supportive. Your coach will design the exercises to coincide with your goals and needs. You’ll never get bored with our variety of workout classes. Plus with your Palm Desert Gym membership you get nutritional guidance to help you build a healthier lifestyle. Join us and be part of a supportive community.

Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym Kickboxing Trainer Gabe
Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym Strength Trainer Jen
Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym Cardio Trainer Tina
Fit In 42 Palm Desert Gym Personal Trainer Karen
  •   Fit in 42 is just what I was looking for out here in the desert.  The energy of the classes really motivate you to work harder.  The smaller classes allow... read more

    thumb Geneva A.

      I recently relocated to Palm Desert and between moving, the kids, getting introduced to a new environment and just the mania of it all took a toll on my body... read more

    thumb Gail L.

      Hands down, best choice I've made training at Fit in 42! Small and private gym that feels more personal. VERY friendly team who make me actually want to go train.... read more

    thumb Elizabeth M.
  •   I had the pleasure of training here for the 6 months I lived in Palm Desert! This gym has a lot to offer no matter your level of fitness. I... read more

    thumb Shea D.

      I began my journey at 42 fit with the lean mommy challenge. Through this challenge, I wanted only to lose weight. Honestly, I really didn't know what to expect only... read more

    thumb Hope A.

      I started coming to fit in 42 just a month ago I felt welcomed from day one. I have continued coming 5-6 days a week. I look forward to this... read more

    thumb Shelby H.
  •   I've been a member of Fit in 42 for a year now and I cannot emphasize how much I love being a part of this family. This isn't your ordinary... read more

    thumb Caroline O.

      I just started training at Fit In 42 2 months ago and I absolutely love my new workout family!! I have had some major health problems over the past few... read more

    thumb Chyna P.

      Fit in 42 is amazing ... just completed the Fit in 42 days with excellent results ...the coaches and staff are amazing !!!

    thumb Clare R.
  •   The mont of September  I joined the Lean Mommy challenge on Fit in 42 Palm Desert, as I needed a program that was gonna helped me work on my nutrition... read more

    thumb Gladys G.

      Fit in 42 was a hard program and while I did get smaller in size, I only lost about 7lbs. The instructors present were very supportive but, sometimes felt too strict.

    thumb Mis J.

      Fit in 42 is changing lives! The trainers are the gold standard in the business, not just for their knowledge, they are truly the best because of their compassion and... read more

    thumb Jos J.

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