Learn how I failed 75 Hard!

I was tired of my excuses. I wanted to focus better heading into the New Year.

I committed to the 75 Hard Challenge.5 Simple Tasks each day:

Drink 1 Gallon of Water

Take Progress Picture

Read 10 pages of Business/Self Help Book

Workout 45 Minutes Indoor and 45 Minutes Outdoors

Commit to a Meal Plan (No Cheat Meals)

The rules are simple do each of these tasks each day. If you miss one then technically you fail and didnt complete 75 Hard.

I really felt like I saw some really good results and felt really good by Day 42 (go figure)

Day 60 I felt like a new person. I lost quite a lot of Body Fat and put on Muscle. But that day I got ROCKED by a stomach bug that put me in bed for 2 straight days.I failed 75 hard. I was bummed but I didn’t do 75 Hard to say I completed the challenge. I did it because I was tired of my poor habits and I wanted more.

After I was better, I started back up on my 5 daily tasks.

Today, is day 75. I cannot say I completed the Program because of my missed 2 days, but that doesnt matter to me.I set out to change my habits, live cleaner, clear my mind and make a change. I did just that. After getting sick I could’ve just stopped and called it quits. But my ‘WHY’ for doing this Challenge wasn’t about the 75 Day Challenge. It was the commitment I made to myself to follow through to the end.

I share this story with you to let you know that me, a Fitness Professional, failed my Challenge but I had a choice. The choice was to get back up and finish the 75 Days after I got sick. I owed that to myself. In your fitness journey, there will be a lot of days you get knocked down. But you must get back up, dust off, and keep moving forward.


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