The Story of the Super Beetle


What do you see when you look at this Photo?


I was leaving a department store and I came across this BEAUTY! Immediately, I knew I had to take a photo and share with our Fit in 42 World.

What do you see when you look at this little guy?

You wanna know what I see?

I see a car that was born a certain way. Yet, he wanted more.
He wanted to be a Beetle Truck! I freaking love this guy!

When I see things out in public, I try to think how they can relate to our Fit in 42 Life…what lessons can we take from them.

Lets take this Super Beetle for instance.

We can get dealt certain hands in life. We get a choice. We always have a choice.
We get to choose how we react to all things that come our way. The good and the bad.

We can’t change who we are but we can work on becoming the best version of ourselves.
We can improve upon our deficiencies, our skills, our habits.

When you are ready to make serious changes in your life, remember this Super Beetle.
He was able to change and become this powerful version of himself.



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