We all have endured something in our lives that has allowed us to grow and become the person we are today.


Have you been in situations that you didn’t think you would get out of or been through emotional pain you thought was unbearable? You’ve had to reach deep down and find the strength you did not think you had to get through it.

Ups and downs, joys and sorrows, that is what life is made up of. In order to grow from these lows it’s important you have the right mindset around them. It would be wise to see these difficulties as tests to strengthen the mind. Just like muscles are built by labor, the mind is built by overcoming difficulties.

Here are a few things to remember when you are going through trying times:

  • The problems of the past prepared you to deal with the struggles of today. And going through today’s issues will prepare you for the problems of tomorrow.
  • You don’t really know what you are capable of until you are tested and have no other option but to rise up.
  • Today’s test is tomorrows testimony. For yourself and for others. You have endured things you didn’t think you would be able to endure. You now know you can handle any situation that life throws at you because you will learn and grow from it as well as teach other how to the same.

Remember to keep your mind strong. The tough times are serving you to strengthen you overall and it’s your opportunity for growth.


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