How to Build Your Self Confidence and the Quickest Way to Lose It

The definition of confidence is the feeling of belief or firm trust.

Do you suffer from a lack of self confidence?

Do you suffer from the a lack of firm trust in yourself?

How does this happen?

Before we talk about how you can lose self confidence, lets talk about how you can build self confidence.

Simply put: reps. Whatever it is you want to learn or do with confidence you need constant exposure. You can’t learn how to play an instrument without practice. You cannot learn an exercise without many repetitions. Confidence is something you gain with practice.

Now, how do we lose it?

How do we lose belief or firm trust in ourselves?

Simple. Dont follow through with what you say you’re going to do.

Every time you make a goal or state an intention and don’t follow through, your subconscious mind loses a little bit of trust in you.

This is why losing weight or staying on a “diet” becomes harder and harder with each time you try.

Luckily you can earn back trust in yourself by following through on your work and actions.

The easiest way to win back your self confidence is to set small goals you can absolutely achieve.


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