Why is change so hard, messy and frustrating?


Why is change so hard, messy and frustrating?

Even when you do achieve some kind of positive change why is it that the majority of us go back to our old habits?

The sad truth is there is comfort in knowing exactly what your life will look like even if that reality is making you sick. Our mind seek familiarity. Familiar feels safe but in order to transform, discomfort is necessary. You must teach ourselves that discomfort is only temporary in order to achieve your next best self.

To truly actualize change it is necessary to engage in the work of making new choices everyday. You must be an active participant in your own transformation.

Stay committed and keep repeating the practice and habits until it becomes discipline. Eventually that discipline will become confidence and confidence becomes change then change becomes transformation.

When you start thinking:

“this is not for me”

“I knew I couldn’t do it”

Oh well, that didn’t work for me either”, realize you mind and body want to go back to easy and comfort. Be patient and don’t give up because if you keep pushing through you may be on the verge of an amazing transformation.

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