Turn your want into NEED. Then take RELENTLESS action.


Turn your want into NEED. Then take RELENTLESS action.

A want is something you would like to have but don’t really need. It’s simply a desire. A need is something you MUST have, a necessity.

When we transform our wants into needs it changes the motivation and the accountability factor. Wanting to do something gets replaced with needing to do something.

Do you want to be healthy or do you need to be healthy? Have you turned your health and fitness into an absolute necessity or is it something that’s just in the back of your head that you’d like to do but you validate excuses in your head not to take action.

It’s time you make your health a non-negotiable. You’ll have to use will power initially to take action towards your goal. But once you are committed day in and day out eventually it becomes a habit then you’ll need less willpower to keep going.

Find inspiration and that motivation to get you going today. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


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